The WellBeing For Women site is aimed at providing patients, students and doctors with detailed information on women’s health care

This website was created by Kevin Harrington to help provide women, patients and medical students with a better understanding of the common symptoms and operations that are performed in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Obstetrics is defined as the care of a woman expecting a baby, while gynaecology relates to problems women face when they are not expecting a baby. Gynaecology includes early pregnancy problems such as miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. To help you with your search this section is designed to be similar to meeting a doctor, so the first section contains all the common symptoms (or compaints, e.g. pain, bleeding, a lump) that women suffer from. Each symptom has a link to the common causes of that particular complaint, as well as a further link outlining the possible treatment options that may be available to you. You may of course just want to find out about a particular condition, e.g. fibroids or the menopause. You can do this by using the drop down menu for medical conditions and diseases. You can also look at various treatments by using the drop down menu for medical and surgical treatments.

The information contained in this site cannot replace a consultation with a doctor, as each woman has her own particular problems and each woman needs a solution or treatment that ensures they continue to have the best quality of life possible. For instance two women with pelvic pain may have the same underlying problem but the treatment offered may be different as we will take lots of things into account, for instance their age or their plans for a family.