Christian & Sarah

The manner in which you cared for us helped immensely during a daunting first pregnancy and made the whole process much easier and ultimately enjoyable. We were overwhelmed by your professionalism and skill but more importantly by your manner and kindness.

Lindsey & Adam

We want to say a huge thank you for all your help and support whilst we were trying to “get pregnant”. You kept me sane and grounded during the process and I really don’t think baby Ruby would be here today without your help

Lesley A

Thank you so much for all your help in picking up the pieces

James & Naomi

Thank you so much for your excellent advice & care during Naomi’s pregnancy and birth. You were very reassuring throughout and we are delighted with how everything went

Nitti & Neal

Thank you for all your guidance and kindness in bringing Arthan into our world

Gina & Alex

We asked our GP to refer us to the best obstetrician – and he did! This was the easiest and most fun experience ever!

Judith & Ben

Thank you so much for the fantastic antenatal care we received and for the safe delivery of Hugo! You made the whole experience so positive and we’ll look back on the day of Hugo’s birth with great memories!

Sim R

A heartfelt thank you for your excellent advice and the reassurance you always successfully give me

Tracy K

Thank you! It’s been quite a ride for us and we couldn’t have asked for a better “driver”. Your humour, care and ability to advise us has been much appreciated

D Churchill

Just a few lines to talk about my hysterectomy experience! I had been a patient of Mr Harrington’s prior to my surgery and I finally (and reluctantly) had to face the fact that a hysterectomy was the only course for me; I was in my late forties at the time and suffering from fibroids and their complications.

I have never had any surgical procedure in my life so the prospect of ‘major surgery’ was absolutely terrifying for me as well as the fear of how I would feel afterwards and all the fears that that brings.

I can only tell you that my surgery, post operative state and recovery went extremely well and despite all my many fears and trepidations I was so delighted to feel ‘well’ in myself after a few weeks and doing most every day stuff in a surprisingly short time.

Now, almost seven years later I am still flying around as if I was thirty and feeling great! I wish I had not procrastinated for so long before having the op. Mr Harrington is in my opinion an extremely skilled surgeon; he showed me nothing but sensitivity and kindness and respect (despite the fact that I fell apart at more that one consultation!) I think the combination of his skill as a surgeon and the sensitivity and humanity he shows to his patients really does make him an exceptional surgeon; in fact he is now gynaecologist to several of my girlfriends!

If anyone who is facing hysterectomy would like to talk to me I would be happy to.