D Churchill

Just a few lines to talk about my hysterectomy experience! I had been a patient of Mr Harrington’s prior to my surgery and I finally (and reluctantly) had to face the fact that a hysterectomy was the only course for me; I was in my late forties at the time and suffering from fibroids and their complications.

I have never had any surgical procedure in my life so the prospect of ‘major surgery’ was absolutely terrifying for me as well as the fear of how I would feel afterwards and all the fears that that brings.

I can only tell you that my surgery, post operative state and recovery went extremely well and despite all my many fears and trepidations I was so delighted to feel ‘well’ in myself after a few weeks and doing most every day stuff in a surprisingly short time.

Now, almost seven years later I am still flying around as if I was thirty and feeling great! I wish I had not procrastinated for so long before having the op. Mr Harrington is in my opinion an extremely skilled surgeon; he showed me nothing but sensitivity and kindness and respect (despite the fact that I fell apart at more that one consultation!) I think the combination of his skill as a surgeon and the sensitivity and humanity he shows to his patients really does make him an exceptional surgeon; in fact he is now gynaecologist to several of my girlfriends!

If anyone who is facing hysterectomy would like to talk to me I would be happy to.

Getting help
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