Emma K

The biggest Thank You ever. I am home after my vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair, feeling fabulous (but behaving myself) and can’t believe that I am feeling this good. Thank you for being a total genius and a lovely one at that! I have had considerably worse and more painful weeks in the office.

The Cuttler Family

Thank you Mr. Harrington for the excellent care from pre-pregnancy through Nathan’s birth. Most importantly, Nathan continues to thrive after a flawless c-section delivery. Ilana is healing beautifully and was back-to-normal (at least as much as can be expected while caring for a newborn) well ahead of schedule.

We thoroughly enjoyed your care throughout this process. From your first hour-long visit with Ilana, she was immediately at ease with you and had full confidence in your knowledge and judgement. It’s not easy to earn such immediate trust – particularly from a sceptical New Yorker. Jason attended nearly every appointment, not just to be there for Ilana, but also to be sure and garner as many of your insights as possible. Each appointment went well beyond normal health checks and scans to include patient answers to our many many questions, a healthy dose of parental advice, and even a bit of humour. When there were decisions to be made – from an early-pregnancy complication to ongoing nutrition to deciding to plan for a c-section – you provided a wealth of relevant information, but gave us the room to make our own decisions without any pressure.

It was also a pleasure working with Leah through the pregnancy. She was consistently helpful, responsive, sensitive, and pleasant. When insurance questions came up, she particularly shined. She knew the rules and how to get them enforced, which really took the pressure off of us.

We look forward to working with you once again if we are so blessed to expand our family further.

M Myers

Thank you for everything over the last 9 months. It has been such a magical journey with the most perfect result at the end. Ella is just wonderful and exactly what we ordered! See you for the next one!

A Toffel

The biggest thank you for taking such great care of Jasmine and I (whilst she was cooking) and in helping her to enter this world. Your gentle manner, frequent gags and reassuring way were all we needed to feel 100% safe.