Vaginal discharge

It can be quite normal for a woman to have a discharge. It is usually clear, white or slightly yellow. It should not be offensive or irritating. The amount of discharge can vary and often increases after a woman has had a baby.

The vagina, just like the skin and bowel, has lots of friendly bugs (bacteria) that help us everyday of our lives. If the environment in the vagina changes (e.g. sex, change in diet, long periods sitting down, pregnancy, menopause, taking hormones) the friendly yeast or bacteria can overgrow and become a nuisance. If a discharge becomes foul smelling, discoloured or irritating it is usually simply an overgrowth of the friendly yeast or bacteria that normally live in the vagina in very small amounts. So while the discharge naturally causes concern, it is usually nothing to worry about. Your doctor can take a swab and treat with a local cream or tablet.

Getting help
If you wish to make an appointment to seek further advice and or treatment, please email Dr Harrington's secretary.