Urinary tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – The hormones that relax the womb also relax the bladder, making infection with bacteria more likely. It is important that your urine is checked once pregnant as some women (up to 10%) can have bacteria in their urine and not even know it (asymptomatic bacteruria). Antibiotics can treat these bacteria before a serious infection develops. If you are passing urine frequently, have pain passing urine or feel unwell, get your urine checked as soon as possible. Fortunately these infections rarely affect the fetus if treated early.

Symptoms of a UTI can include:

  • Pain or a burning sensation when passing urine
  • Pain in your pelvis, the lower part of your abdomen
  • A feeling that you are unable to urinate fully
  • Shaking and a raised temperature, feeling hot and cold
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • frequent need to go to the toilet
  • Uncontrollable urge to pass urine (incontinence)
  • Cloudy, bloody, or bad-smelling urine
  • Change in the amount of urine passed (either more or less)
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

A mid stream urine sample sent for analysis and culture will be able to determine what bacteria is causing the infection. If you have symptoms treatment with antibiotics while waiting for the MSU result is recommended.

Getting help
If you wish to make an appointment to seek further advice and or treatment, please email Dr Harrington's secretary.