Psychosocial stress and anxiety

There are several sources of psychosocial stress during pregnancy because it is a period of considerable change in life events. Insufficient knowledge of what to expect in pregnancy and at delivery, including worries about their own health and about the outcome of their pregnancy, are common concerns. Traumatic events during previous pregnancies, hospital admission and separation from the home environment, inadequate emotional and socio-economic support, are other causes of stress. Acceptance of the pregnancy, the response of partners and other family members to the news of an unplanned pregnancy, and living conditions can also be a source of anxiety.


Self help and support are the key words in dealing with these issues. It is vital that you maintain a positive attitude and continue to seek ways of improving your situation. Support from loved ones, friends and sometimes professionals can make the difference when coping with anxiety. If you continue to have problems have a chat with your doctor about seeing a psychiatrist.

Getting help
If you wish to make an appointment to seek further advice and or treatment, please email Dr Harrington's secretary.